Pornography vs. youth protection in Germany

Pornography vs. youth protection in Germany

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Erotic sites in Germany - The naked truth

Why are there hardly any German erotic sites left?

Zensur des Internets
With the Internet, the porn industry suddenly got a medium in which it could grow like a flash in the pan in the 90s. The most searched keyword on the Internet is "sex". The surfer can now completely anonymously satisfy his fantasies and visual addictions at least visually in front of the PC.

According to statistics, 93%ofthose searching for pornographic images and videos on the Web are men. In contrast, there is a massive proportion of women who curse such content and try to suppress the topic by all means.

Thus, influential politicians were told horror stories that only criminals, child molesters and perverts are on the WWW and that the websites would severely impair the development of youth. Fueled by the discussions, resourceful companies emerged to make money from the youth protection debate.

Due to the enormous political pressure, the government had to react and passed a law in 2001 that obliges all website operators from Germany to keep their content away from the eyes of young people and to publish their contact details in an imprint.
What the politicians completely forgot is that the Internet is not a television channel, but a worldwide medium.
Young people know very well that the content they are looking for can also be found in the USA, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, and so on.

Wrong decision by a court - The dispute between two youth protection providers

The discussion made sense up to the point where the dispute between a commercial and a free youth protection provider escalated. A judge pronounced a verdict that the identity card check was not sufficient and that the user had to register face-to-face with an official document at Deutsche Post.

Of course, this costs real money: 30 EUR for a USB stick, 30 EUR - setup fee and 30 EUR annual membership. Seen the user with scarcely 100 EUR still nothing.
Photos with depicted genitals had to be censored and member areas secured with AVS gates.

With these circumstances webmasters and owners of erotic projects came into poor existence fears and it broke out a hype to shift its business seat abroad. At the moment there is no seriously good German erotic project under a DE domain.

The few online companies that decided to continue to operate from Germany were warned by competing companies with heavy fines and more court cases arose. Thus also vulgar expressions, like"fuck" and"bitch" were put under punishment. What a project is supposed to do, where the pictures with the writing "Only from 18 years" and the text "Vollge***e Sp***asch****en lassen sich in den A*** f****" is supposed to do, is up to the question.

Regardless, the demand for pornography on the Internet is unbroken and since the times of fast DSL flat rates basically even more interesting, because now videos are in high demand. Nobody has to go to the video store with heart palpitations anymore and disappear into the porn corner with turned up collar and ducked head. tries to unite german erotic sites

With our project we want to try to create an interface to reunite German webmasters and German porn consumers. We find it a bottomless impudence to disenfranchise the "free" citizens and to try to "clean wash" the internet like after Chinese conditions. Fortunately, not all European neighbors follow suit and enjoy the lavish taxes that escape the German state through short-sighted actions.

We men need and want our porn - whether women and politicians like it or not! There will also always be a way to get them. Human primal urges cannot be suppressed by any law in the world.

In this sense, happy porn surfing, men!

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