Test - Review: Smalltitsbabes.biz

Test: SmallTitsBabes.biz

Test - Review: Smalltitsbabes.biz

Test: SmallTitsBabes.biz

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Review: Test report about our experiences with the erotic site SmallTitsBabes.biz

If you are loo­king for small-breasted girls on the Internet, you might have alre­a­dy stumb­led across the ero­tic site Smalltitsbabes.biz in various TGP lists or via Google.

Due to the appe­al­ing design and the appe­tiz­ing pre­view images, it encou­ra­ges you to take a clo­ser look at the pre­view area.

I love small breasts and am per­ma­nent­ly loo­king for high qua­li­ty porn sites with flat ches­ted MILF women around 30 – 40 years. Unfortunately, I was dis­ap­poin­ted seve­ral times with other reviews, such as ILoveSmallTits.com, SmallTitsGirls.com, MiniBoobs.com and Flachtitten.net.

I hoped that I would final­ly hit the bul­l’s eye with SmallTitsBabes.biz and put this porn site to an ero­tic site test. Find out in the fol­lo­wing review what is hid­den behind the mem­ber area. You can also read in the test report whe­ther a mem­ber­ship is worth it.

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Opinion about the preview area of Smalltitsbabes.biz

On the two-page lay­out, the pro­s­pec­ti­ve cus­to­mer is pro­mi­sed „100% Small Tits Babes Hardcore Videos“. Moreover, the sex site is just the right one if one is loo­king for 18- to 19-year-old hard-fucking girls with small breasts.

One can navi­ga­te from the home­page to two other sub-pages of the pre­view area.

Numerous, small pre­view pic­tures and texts in the colors pink, beige and light green made me curious. I felt attrac­ted, eager­ly signed the mem­ber­ship con­tract and nai­vely paid by cre­dit card.

Rating of the porn sites registration

Before you can see the pay­ment form, you first have to enter your email address and a desi­red pass­word. The bil­ling of the small-tits porn site runs through a rather unknown American bil­ling com­pa­ny (pay­ment pro­ces­sor) cal­led Segpay.

Unfortunately, the rude awa­ke­ning came after pay­ment at login! Smalltitsbabes.biz was a lock page for the video por­tal www.hot-sex-moviez.com.

Disappointingly, the por­tal has not­hing to do with mini tits at all! We are glad that we only chose the $1 trial access for this review and did­n’t fall for the $40 cost trap. It’s also reassu­ring to know that we used a pre­paid cre­dit card.

After a few weeks out that to the regis­tered test email address is sent mas­si­ve SPAM. We will have to deac­ti­va­te the e‑mail address and warn against giving an important e‑mail address when registering.


Test – Review Member Area

After pay­ing the mem­ber­ship fee, one lands on the porn por­tal hot-sex-moviez.com. Here you will not find any infor­ma­ti­on about small­tits­ba­bes. You can’t belie­ve that and suspect that it must be a mistake.

If you look into the order con­fir­ma­ti­on email from Segpay, you will find only hot-sex-moviez.com there as well! More dis­ap­point­ment is not possible!

Opinions about page structure & design

The design of the pre­view area (tour pages) is com­ple­te­ly dif­fe­rent from the mem­ber area. Even though they made an effort to crea­te an appe­al­ing lay­out in the pre­view, the mem­ber area is total­ly ugly.

Experiences with the subscription cancellation

Compared to other porn sites, the can­cel­la­ti­on of the sub­scrip­ti­on is quite uncom­pli­ca­ted. Neither by email nor on the web­site one is infor­med about how to can­cel the sub­scrip­ti­on again.

The bil­ling com­pa­ny Segpay pro­vi­des a so-called self-service por­tal at https://cs.segpay.com. Enter your purcha­se ID, e‑mail address and cre­dit card num­ber and you will be taken to your sub­scrip­ti­on over­view. Simply click on „Cancel Subscription“ and your mem­ber­ship is canceled.

Test verdict & conclusion to the test report of Smalltitsbabes.biz

When test­ing the ero­tic site Smalltitsbabes.biz, it tur­ned out that it is a clone site. The mother pro­ject is www.hot-sex-moviez.com.

Even though the por­tal is quite good, we feel rip­ped off becau­se we were not infor­med in advan­ce that it is not a small tits mem­bers area at all.

The girls from the pre­view area do not appear in the ero­tic por­tal. Perhaps www.hot-sex-moviez.com will pre­sent them in detail in a sepa­ra­te review.

Very small breasts, tiny flat tits with big nipp­les or girls wit­hout breasts are loo­ked for in vain here.

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Website Information
Country of operator:
Cost:$1.00 / 1 day (sub­scrip­ti­on)
$39.95 / month
Test / Demo – Access:yes
Payment methods:Credit card
Member manage­ment:no
Parental fil­ter:no
Download limit:no
Cross-selling pre­sel­ec­ted:no
Offered con­tent
Photos / Images:
Quantity:0 porn images
Ø Resolution:-
Image Gallery Control:-
ZIP archi­ves:-
Count:0 porn movies
Ø Resolution:-
Ø Length:-
Ø DL Speed:-
Download pos­si­ble:-
Streaming pos­si­ble:-
DRM copy protection:-


Test report summary for Smalltitsbabes.biz
  • Image qua­li­ty – 0%
  • Video qua­li­ty – 0%
  • Sound qua­li­ty – 0%
  • Exclusivity – 0%
  • Models – 0%
  • Authentic emo­ti­ons – 0%
  • Variety – 0%
  • Extraordinary – 0%
  • Content quan­ti­ty – 0%
  • Fairness – 0%
  • Promises / Reality – 0%
  • Sexual sti­mu­la­ti­on – 0%
  • Design – 0%
  • Navigation – 0%
  • Preview area (Tour pages) – 0%
  • Updates – 0%
  • Loading speed – 0%
  • Costs – 33%
  • Price-performance ratio – 0%
  • Payment – 0%
  • Price trans­pa­ren­cy – 0%
  • Advertising / Spam – 0%
  • Subscription can­cel­la­ti­on – 0%
  • Overall impres­si­on – 0%
User Review
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  • Huge DVD archive


  • Bait page for ano­ther porn portal
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    It is a pity that there are so few ero­tic web­sites with small breasts! Women with mini tits are soooo sexy!

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