Test - Review: Wasteland.com

Test: WasteLand.com

Test - Review: Wasteland.com

Test: WasteLand.com


Porn site review about WasteLand.com: Very horny BDSM videos with experienced performers

Finding really good BDSM porn sites is not very easy. In the BDSM field, the inclinations, demands and fantasies of porn lovers are extremely diverse. One is already satisfied with bondage games and the other wants to see "needles and real blood".

By chance we discovered the SadoMaso erotic site Wasteland.com. The preview area aroused our interest to have a closer look at this website.

Wasteland titles itself as the biggest and oldest BDSM and fetish site. It exists already since 1994 - quasi since the beginnings of the Internet and had been awarded several times. It promises weekly picture and video updates, interactive videos and BDSM instructions. It also has a real community.

In this review, we analyze whether the many promises are really true. In particular, we were attracted by the "living community" - which is a big difference from most XXX sites.

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Opinion about the preview area of Wasteland.com

The preview section of Wasteland.com contains five web pages. It was tried to squeeze as much content as possible into the pages, which looks a bit confusing.

However, the small thumbnails arouse the curiosity of the visitor. Unfortunately, the thumbnails cannot be enlarged. The payment page always opens. At least you can watch a few meaningful trailers.

At the bottom of the page are several country flags, click on "German" so some texts are displayed in extremely poorly translated form. One can save this and understand the most important text passages with minimal school English knowledge without any problems.

As already written above, a lot is promised on the porn site. e.g. that you can find 1000 ORIGINAL 'WASTELAND' video productions & over 1 million photos in the member area. The videos are all shot in True HD. Live BDSM Video Chat. Full length movies of famous porn stars. A BDSM Movie Theater! "High Quality" - Hardcore BDSM & Fetish Photos. BDSM instructions for beginners and advanced... and and .... Much too good to be true!

But nowhere to escape the booking page.... ^^


Porn page rating - registration

To become a member of Wasteland.com, you click on one of the many thumbnail graphics or on the blue flashing "Get Instant Access" button. A page opens with payment methods, terms and conditions, and a cancellation link for the subscription.

For Europeans, there is only the option to pay by credit card. You can see the prices after clicking on the VISA & Mastercard icons. A page for entering personal data opens.

Fortunately, our prepaid card was accepted. A VISA prepaid card protects you from unpleasant questions from your wife and from unauthorized debits. ^^

Unusually, no address or place of residence has to be entered during payment. There is only a plausibility check with the name and zip code. Very good!

After entering the data, one clicks on the JOIN NOW - button. After the successful payment you will be redirected to a page containing the access data and you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Test - Review Member Area

If you are logged in to the member area, you will be overwhelmed by all the links. As a newcomer it takes forever to get along with the site structure!

It's best to stick to the"Wasteland Original Movies" and"Wasteland Original Images" links first and start exploring the exclusive videos and images from here

The many links to BDSM stories, tutorials, interviews and non-exclusive content can be viewed at your leisure over the next few days. These sites will not be included in the rating of this review.

It is interesting to see how Wasteland has grown with the internet development. In the 90's detailed and large photo series were created. Gradually, with different video technologies, the main focus started to be on videos. In the current sets only 10 photos are published.

You can often see in the older photo galleries and in the videos a gray-bearded man named Simon Blackthorne. Apparently he is one of the main initiators of the website. He wrote many instructions in English script.

Opinion about the erotic videos

The actual BDSM videos on Wasteland.com are excellent both in quality and content!

Numerous porn videos quickly make the viewer's pants tight. Mostly it is about female slaves, which are "tortured" by a man or by one or even two women. Now and then you can also find FemDom - ladies disciplining a male slave.

In almost all videos you can see that the BDSM session should also be fun for the female slaves. Because almost every session contains a forced orgasm (Forced Orgasm) with a vibrator, a massager (mostly Hitachi Magic Wand), a strap-on (Strapon) or with sex machines (Fucking Machines).

The most exciting seem to be the movies filmed with female mistresses. The dominas know their craft very well and respond well to the reactions of their subs. Some dominas are excellent with dildos or G-spot toys well handle - An intense, vaginal orgasm - not infrequently with female ejaculation (Squirt) are the result! ^^

Real feelings, unacted orgasms and very horny sex toys

Besides, many girls are also spoiled with thick dildos, objects, fruits, vegetables and thick sex toys (Huge Toys & Objects). Occasionally there are also scenes with electro stimulation (electrosex).

The standard repertoire of course includes various simple and elaborate bondage techniques. Here the viewer really gets a lot of bondage ideas that you can implement with your partner.

The different camera perspectives and smooth zooms provide good visual variety. Most of the time the clips are well lit, so you can see all the details well.

Unfortunately, most of the movies are only a quarter of an hour long. Probably, the site owners want to avoid lengthy and boring scenes.

If you are planning an extended porn evening with your partner, it should be noted that Wasteland has also made real BDSM feature films. They are called Into The Mist, Succubus, The Fashionistas. Unfortunately, they are viewable only by trailers and you should order the movies as DVD version.

Rating of BDSM pictures

On Wasteland.com you can find thousands and thousands of BDSM pictures! Most of them have been produced exclusively by the site itself, but you can also download tons of non-exclusive photos from other photographers. In the last 10 years the most different resolutions and quality levels were created.

It is noticeable that the production of pictures has decreased a lot. In the past, long photo series were shot - In the current series, usually only ten pictures are published.

Unfortunately, the navigation of the picture script is a horror with the older photos! You have no navigation elements and you should always work with multiple browser tabs to avoid getting bogged down. Often with older galleries you don't have a ZIP download function. However, the newer pictures have a ZIP download function to be able to download the whole series in one go.

The advantage of the BDSM photos is that you can let the scene work on you. This stimulates the imagination and you get great ideas what you can do with your own wife so nice. There are really, really awesome photos included that captured the situation perfectly.

It is to be hoped that the photo production will not be completely stopped at some point. In our opinion, photos still have a great raison d'être in the digital world!

Opinions on page layout & design

Even though "black" is the standard color of almost all Sadomaso websites, Wasteland.com's design is quite appealing, especially because of the banner at the top of the screen.

However, both the preview area and the member area seem very cluttered. A new surfer has to orientate himself for a very long time at first in order to get along with this porn site. Many sub-pages are static or created with different content management systems and there are always problems with different menus popping up or the page navigation disappearing completely.

Since many different BDSM areas have been touched in the last 10 years, one sometimes has the feeling that one is moving on a patchwork quilt.

A clear and simple navigation, which is always in the same place on the website, would be desirable.

Experiences with the subscription - cancellation

Although on Wasteland.com, hundreds of texts, guides and tutorials were written, it was completely forgotten to create a page where it is pointed out how to cancel the subscription again.

Even on the terms and conditions and FAQ pages, you can only find a link to an e-mail address of the billing company.

But in our screenshots we noticed a tiny inconspicuous link under the booking form: "All memberships rebill until canceled, unless noted. You may easily cancel at any time." The CANCEL is underlined and links to this website: https://secure.netbilling.com/gw/native/selfservice1.1?110047505390:WASTELAND

A spartan page opens and you can't believe it's a legitimate cancellation form.

When you enter your first name, last name and e-mail address, you are actually taken to another page with the following heading: "Found matching member account". There you see your personal data and you find a link on the right: "cancel membership".

Now you land on a white page with the heading: "Cancel membership to site Wasteland.com". There you click on "OK" and get the cancellation confirmation: "Cancellation successful: recurring billing stopped".

Unfortunately, we did not receive a cancellation confirmation by e-mail. There were no more debits.

Test verdict & conclusion to the test report of Wasteland.com

Wasteland.com is a very likeable and at the same time extremely exciting BDSM site! In the videos there is no "wild beating", but you can always see a smile flit across the face of the slave as well as the mistresses and masters!

The actors enjoy the shenanigans in the Wasteland videos well visible! One (s) can be inspired in the videos excellent, what you want to do with your own partner, for example. ^^

The production of the videos is very professional and the HD resolution is a feast for the eyes. Every BDSM lover will get his money's worth and find strongly stimulating movies for his taste.

What is not so nice is that the porn mostly only has a running time of a quarter of an hour. However, Wasteland has also made its own BDSM feature films that go over an hour.

The navigation in the member area is a disaster! You have to be careful not to get lost on the huge site. The many English text guides are very informative.

The BDSM porn studio is generally quite thick. It says everywhere that it is the "biggest" and "best" BDSM site. Whether it is really like that, remains to be seen - but it is definitely excellent and especially because of the learning effect an absolute must for every hobby BDSM'ler!

Visit Wasteland.com

Hosted Gallery - Picture Galleries:

  • Short haired girl is tortured to orgasm with wax, vibrator and massager
  • Lesbian dominatrix tortures redhead girl with vibrators, strapon & fuck machine
  • Dominant girlfriend tortures her slave to forced orgasm with candle wax
  • Totally perverted amateur dominatrix lives out her kinky fantasies on sex slave girl

Hosted Gallery - Video Galleries:

  • Violent orgasm torture by FemDom with wax play
  • Amateur guy tortures his girlfriend in a love swing to orgasm
  • Girl- Girl BDSM Session - Pure Orgasm Power with Massage Device, Fuck Machine & Wax
  • SM master educates a horny blonde on a pillory
  • One of the many Wasteland amateur BDSM movies to learn and imitate! Great!
Website Information
Country of operator:
Cost:2 days: $4.95 (subscription)
1 month: $34.95
3 months: $74.95
6 months: $134.95
Trial / Demo - Access:yes
Payment methods:Credit card, direct debit
Member management:yes
Youth protection filter:no
Download limit:no
Cross-selling preselected:no
Offered content
Photos / Images:
Number:300.000 Porn images
Ø Resolution:2000x1331 pixels
Image gallery control:yes
ZIP archives:yes
Number:5.000 porn movies
Ø Resolution:1280 × 720 HD
Ø Length:15 minutes
Ø DL speed:1.000 kB/sec
Format:WMV, MPEG, FLV, MP4
Download possible:yes
Streaming possible:yes
DRM copy protection:no



Test report summary for Wasteland.com
  • Image quality - 100%
  • Video quality - 100%
  • Sound quality - 100%
  • Exclusivity - 67%
  • Models - 100%
  • Authentic emotions - 100%
  • Variety - 100%
  • Extraordinary - 100%
  • Content quantity - 100%
  • Fairness - 100%
  • Promises / Reality - 100%
  • Sexual stimulation - 100%
  • Design - 67%
  • Navigation - 17%
  • Preview area (Tour pages) - 67%
  • Updates - 83%
  • Loading speed - 100%
  • Costs - 50%
  • Price-performance ratio - 100%
  • Payment - 67%
  • Price transparency - 83%
  • Advertising / Spam - 67%
  • Subscription cancellation - 83%
  • Overall impression - 100%
User Review
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  • absolut geile BDSM Videos
  • riesige Menge an Videos & Bildern
  • professionelle Porno Produktion
  • diskrete Anmeldung, Prepaid mögl.
  • tolle, praxisnahe BDSM Ratgeber


  • undurchsichtige Seitenstruktur
  • keine Lastschriftzahlung
  • meistens nur kurze Videos
  • deutsche Sprache nur zum Anfüttern
  • Seiten-Navi bei Fotos verschwunden
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