Test - Review: Handdomination.com

Test: HandDomination.com

Test - Review: Handdomination.com

Test: HandDomination.com

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Review of Handdomination.com porn site: FemDom penis edging, orgasm control, tease & denial

When we found some demo videos on Youporn, Youjizz and Xhamster, our interest in the porn site handdomination.com was piqued.

Before we delve into the review of the erotic site, let's first take a closer look at the topic:

Surely most sexually open-minded men have already noticed that during an ejaculatory orgasm "with the moment of gushing" any sexual desire drops from 100 to 0 within seconds! In the so-called refractory phase, any interest in sexual practices drops almost to zero. One(s) not infrequently becomes tired and lethargic. The feeling of sexual disinterest can last for three days.

In almost all Far Eastern love techniques (e.g. Tantra, Kamasutra ...) the absolute goal is to delay the man's orgasm as long as possible. The penis is stimulated as often and as long as possible, but the man must not have an orgasm. The pent up orgasm is much, much, much more intense and the man can maintain his sexual pleasure and erection for hours to the delight of his partner!

On handdomination.com it is exactly about this exciting topic, which every man should definitely deal with once: The man is bound defenselessly, his penis is brought by a woman over a period of one to several hours again and again to the "point of no return" and the orgasm is ruined every time.

So that the whole thing has its BDSM pep, the action on this sex site is done by a dominatrix. She is also called FemDom - an abbreviation for the English term Female domination. Under the term Tease and Den ial , the orgasm control of the penis is incredibly popular.

The subject matter has an extremely stimulating character and we were curious to see what is hidden behind the members area of the BDSM site handdomination.com.

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Opinion about the preview area of handdomination.com

The preview area of handdomination.com is visually not very spectacular. You land on a home page where a woman sits under a giant penis that is being forcibly emasculated by her. What forced emasculation is and what the picture is supposed to represent, the newcomer does not know (yet).

The visitor can only make sense of the advertising slogans. Exclusive handjob videos are promised. Girls are supposed to jerk hard cocks until they explode.

The true subject of orgasm control, orgasm ruining, penis milking, precum (also called love juice, sperm pre-juice or pre-ejaculate) is unfortunately completely lost!

You will find six links to the right of the girl, from which you can access the member area, the contact page and the booking form. Also the model biographies do not interest the normal porn surfer at first yet.

Far more interesting, however, are the links "Episode browse" (browse porn) and "About HandDom". Here you finally learn what it's all about: The penis is brought to the absolute orgasm limit by the models with the most diverse grip techniques, wank techniques, by various fesslungen (penis bondage).

Man and penis want to cum at any price - but numerous orgasms are denied by the professional and trained dominas hard as nails!

The nice thing about the "Episode browse" pages is that you can even click through to the scene description. The pictures and texts are very expressive! Unclear English vocabulary can be translated e.g. with the Firefox BrowserPlugin in theTranslator.

Somewhat unusual in the preview pictures is the fact that most of the men are wearing a full-body suit or face masks. We suspect:

  • a) that the focus should be on the model and penis.
  • b) that it should be prevented that the men - who see this porn - should not feel disgusted when they are supposed to look at other men
  • c) indispensable condition for the orgasm control is that the man really must not see anything and must also be bound defenseless. Both the man and the dominatrix need 100% concentration and must not interact with looks.

The about us page states what the potential customer can expect. At this point we translate the unusual terms into the German language:

  • Femdom handjobs - Jerking off by a dominatrix
  • Cruel handjobs - Cruel penis wanking
  • CBT handjobs - Cock and Ball Torture (eng. Penis and testicle torture)
  • Milking table handjobs - Jerking off under a milking table in prone position with hole
  • Milking bench handjob - milking on a bench in prone or supine position
  • Glory hole handjobs - jerking off in front of a glory hole (dick hole in a wall)
  • Busty handjobs - Busty fuck
  • Forced orgasms - Forced orgasm / forced orgasms
  • Tease and denial (BDSM technique)
  • Abandon orgasms - Unrestrained orgasm / Loss of control during orgasm
  • Ruined orgasms - Ruined orgasm (stop penis stimulation in time before each orgasm)
  • MILF handjobs - Jerking off mature women (They usually know what they are doing!!!)
  • Financial domination - extortion of money by the dominatrix
  • Foot jobs - penis stimulation with feet
  • Humiliation - degradation, humiliation
  • Masturbation Instruction - instructions for masturbation, jerk off instruction
  • Post Orgasm Milking - This refers to the milking of pre-orgasm penis juice / pre-ejaculate.

Porn page rating - registration

We are motivated because of the graphics and texts and book now expectantly the member area over the many JOIN NOW - links.

One lands on a page where in the upper part of the page again a few booking arguments for handdomination.com are listed, below that free bonus content is pointed out. And again under it one finds the Buttons to the payment. It is possible to pay by credit card, by check, by direct debit (Direct Pay EU) or via the telephone provider via telephone bill (CCBill 900).

Unfortunately, you will not find any prices but at least a note that you can easily cancel the membership via a corresponding link.

CCBill is the world's largest biller for erotic sites. Despite our trust, we naturally tried to use our prepaid credit card again to avoid any nasty surprises when billing

After clicking on "Instant Credit Card Access" you get to the payment form and finally saw the price. 29.95 EUR is absolutely fair - Of course, this depends on the porn sites and erotic movies offered.
Pleasant is the German language. You enter your data, as well as a desired username and password - but then you wonder about the translation error in all CCBill form submit buttons: "Close the purchase". The word "ab" is missing behind it.

Fortunately, our prepaid card was accepted
Upon successful payment, it displays, "Payment Confirmation - Thank you for your purchase. Your registration has been confirmed!" In a table below, the access data and the login link are displayed

At the same time, an e-mail is delivered. It contains the login details, billing information, contact information for CCbill and even a note that it is a subscription.

Test - Review Member Area

After logging into the member area of handdomination.com we see again the old familiar start page from the preview area. But stop! The picture is different: You see a tied up man, who is being milked by a blond woman standing up. In addition, the items Blog, Network Sites, Browse cumshots (browse in category "Sperm cumshot")and FAQ have now been added to the menu on the right side.

In general, the navigation of the member area is easy to find your way around.

The "BDSM femdom handjobs - videos" are almost without exception a feast for the eyes. Even as a man it is stimulating to see with which different techniques the girls and women spoil the cocks and torture them to orgasm

The amounts of sperm that run out with each ruined orgasm- are gigantic. The term "milking" or "penis milking" definitely have their justification.

The girls react completely differently to their self-inflicted penis torture. Many are completely thrilled and surprised! They are amazed at the amounts of sperm juice that run out of the penis when they ruin the orgasm over and over again

Other girls shriek in fright when unexpectedly huge fountains of sperm shoot out of their penis. Still other women already know the spectacle, grin broadly and interact with the bound man with a dominant tone! But most reactions are consistently positive with a tendency to enthusiasm!

Opinions about page structure & design

Experiences with the subscription - cancellation

Test judgement & conclusion to the test report of Handdomination.com

The porn site handdomination.com is not a BDSM site in the classical sense. The torture of the bound men takes place in the fact that their penises are stimulated intensively in various ways and the orgasm is aborted or at least delayed as often as possible. It is especially noticeable that the girls have downright thieving fun performing the pleasure torture and milking the cocks.

In our opinion, many porn movies have a good teaching character, which you should also show to your partner once, if you want a really horny cock treatment. We like the erotic site handdomination.com very much! We were neither ripped off nor bamboozled with false facts. You get exactly what you see in the preview area. Other porn sites should take a leaf out of this project!!!

Visit Handdomination.com
Website Information
Country of operator:
Cost:29.95 EUR (subscription)
Test / Demo - Access:no
Payment methods:Credit card, direct debit, pay per call (phone), check
Member management:yes
Youth protection filter:no
Download limit:no
Cross-selling preselected:no
Content offered
Photos / Images:
Number:30.000 Porn images
Ø Resolution:1280x780 pixels
Image gallery control:yes
ZIP archives:yes
Quantity:332 porn movies
Ø Resolution:1280x780
Ø Length:20 minutes
Ø DL speed:6.000 kB/sec
Format:WMV, FLV
Download possible:yes
Streaming possible:yes
DRM copy protection:no
Test report summary for Handdomination.com
  • Image quality - 100%
  • Video quality - 100%
  • Sound quality - 100%
  • Exclusivity - 100%
  • Models - 100%
  • Authentic emotions - 100%
  • Variety - 100%
  • Extraordinary - 100%
  • Content quantity - 100%
  • Fairness - 100%
  • Promises / Reality - 100%
  • Sexual stimulation - 100%
  • Design - 50%
  • Navigation - 67%
  • Preview area (Tour pages) - 50%
  • Updates - 67%
  • Loading speed - 100%
  • Costs - 50%
  • Price-performance ratio - 100%
  • Payment - 100%
  • Price transparency - 67%
  • Advertising / Spam - 100%
  • Subscription cancellation - 100%
  • Overall impression - 100%
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  • spannendes Thema: Orgasmuskontrolle
  • neue Videos sind in HD
  • Tolle Penis Dominations Ideen
  • Geile Wichstechniken
  • viele Amateur- Models


  • altbackenes, langweiliges Design
  • seit 2010 keine Fotos mehr
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