Test - Review: Amarotic.com

Test: Amarotic.com

Test - Review: Amarotic.com

Test: Amarotic.com

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Review: Review of the amateur porn platform Amarotic.com: Chat dirty with German women, exchange videos & pictures and meet for sex

Good German ero­tic sites are still few and far bet­ween in 2013. The few porn sites that still exist are most­ly ridd­led with rip-off methods and pawns.

Fortunately, this cir­cum­s­tance is com­pen­sa­ted by num­e­rous ama­teur girls or cou­ples from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, who publish their self-made vide­os and self-photographed pic­tures in various ama­teur portals.

We have alre­a­dy pre­sen­ted the ama­teur por­tals MyDirtyHobby and Big7 posi­tively in test reports and recent­ly the por­tal Amarotic.com appears more and more often in the Google top posi­ti­ons. Curious, we take a clo­ser look at the German-language ama­teur video site Amarotic.com and write down our expe­ri­en­ces and opi­ni­ons in this test review

Note: Amarotic.com is the mother site of privategig.com! These sites are iden­ti­cal mir­rors of Amarotic!

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Opinion about the preview section of Amarotic.com

Before we start with the test of Amarotic.com, we would like to say a few words about why the girls in the ama­teur por­tals pro­vi­de their movies and pho­tos in the first place. Primarily, of cour­se, they don’t do it „for the fun of it“ or becau­se their boy­fri­end / hus­band secret­ly uploads them… No, the women want to earn money – some even finan­ce their liveli­hood with it. In this respect, it is also gran­ted to them that the por­tals can not be free!

The pre­view area is the same inter­face as the mem­ber area. Only the vide­os and pho­tos of the ama­teur girls are of cour­se blocked.

On the home­page you can find an over­view of the most popu­lar, best-rated and newest ama­teur vide­os. Three short trai­lers are dis­play­ed as a stream. To see what is hap­pe­ning in the vide­os, you just have to stay with the mouse poin­ter on the cor­re­spon­ding video pre­view image, so that ano­ther 3 screen­shots are dis­play­ed in turn.

The porn site preview area makes you curious

Via a tab menu in the upper page area, you can fil­ter and sort the vide­os in dif­fe­rent ways. Furthermore, you can also access the BLOGs of the girls and a LiveChat, through which you can talk to German ama­teur girls via text and pic­tu­re. Various set­tings of the cus­to­mer account can be view­ed and adjus­ted via MY AMAROTIC.

It is noti­ceable that the films are above avera­ge dirty – which gives the AMAROTIC pro­ject a cor­re­spon­ding spice. Further noti­ceable is the mas­king of porn terms with aste­risks and the mas­king of many pho­tos for German youth pro­tec­tion reasons.

If you click on THIS link or our„Hier gehts zu Amarotic.com“ links, the youth pro­tec­tion win­dow is bypas­sed and you can call up the regis­tra­ti­on form wit­hout any pro­blems. After regis­tra­ti­on ever­y­thing can be seen com­ple­te­ly uncensored.

Rating of the porn sites registration

A regis­tra­ti­on at Amarotic.com has seve­ral advan­ta­ges: Firstly, of cour­se, the alre­a­dy men­tio­ned home refe­rence to the models as well as the German lan­guage in the movies, the German pay­ment pro­ces­sing and acces­si­bi­li­ty of the cus­to­mer service.

You can usual­ly reach the girls in German via chat or pri­va­te mes­sa­ge. Often even spe­cial requests are ful­fil­led – e.g. sexu­al acts in movies, a mee­ting or sen­ding worn pan­ties or „refi­ned“ sex toys. It is not uncom­mon for fans to be so enthu­si­a­stic about various girls that they show­er them with gifts. The fan com­mu­ni­ty of Amarotic is gigan­ti­cal­ly large!

By regis­tering, you do not take any finan­cial risk. But you should not use your pri­va­te email account, but ins­tead set up an ero­tic email address at Googlemail, GMX or simi­lar. ATTENTION: Freenet, T‑Online and YAHOO are not sui­ta­ble for an ero­tic mail account becau­se these pro­vi­ders sim­ply dele­te ero­tic mails wit­hout being asked befo­re they reach the email box.

The pay­ment of the vide­os and pho­tos takes place on cre­dit basis with „COINS“. One loads the account by instant trans­fer, cre­dit card or direct debit. Fortunately, there is no misu­se of data or regu­lar rebil­ling at Amarotic.com.


Test – Review Member Area

As a regis­tered mem­ber you can enjoy Amarotic.com almost wit­hout rest­ric­tions. You can search for models or acts, watch pre­view vide­os, brow­se model pro­files and video descrip­ti­ons and much more.

The hunt for horny models and per­ver­ted vide­os can thus begin and very quick­ly the water runs tog­e­ther in the mouth.

In order to access the movies, you must first have a suf­fi­ci­ent balan­ce in your Amarotic account. Under the video descrip­ti­ons, the costs are dis­play­ed in COINS. Then you just have to click on „Click here to buy coins“ and fol­low the very straight­for­ward pay­ment process.

The Amarotic amateur pictures

Unfortunately, Amarotic.com is com­ple­te­ly dedi­ca­ted to ama­teur pic­tures. There is obvious­ly no pro­vi­si­on for uploa­ding ama­teur pho­tos on a large scale! There does exist a mini photo gal­lery of 6 pho­tos next to the model pro­fi­le photo, but the fea­ture set is very spar­se. Unfortunately, the sys­tem also resi­zes all pho­tos to 800 x 600 pixels. In addi­ti­on, the „Save pic­tu­re as“ func­tion in the con­text menu of the right mouse but­ton is con­scious­ly or uncon­scious­ly disabled.

Since the (few) pho­tos are taken by the ama­teurs them­sel­ves, they are of cour­se com­ple­te­ly mixed in qua­li­ty. Unfortunately, howe­ver, they do not real­ly affect the view­er becau­se they are sim­ply too small.

The pre­sen­ta­ti­on of the pic­tures is done in a so-called light­box. The cal­led images over­lay the web page and one can navi­ga­te for­ward and back­ward. Unfortunately, there is no ZIP func­tion for the pho­tos either.

The Amarotic amateur porn videos

As expec­ted, the vide­os on Amarotic.com are most­ly of not too high qua­li­ty. The movies were almost always shot with cell phone came­ras or cheap video came­ras. They are some­ti­mes shaky or shot stiffly from a tri­pod. Furthermore, they often appear too under­ex­po­sed becau­se the light­ing is unsui­ta­ble for video shooting.

The action, on the other hand, is top notch in most of the films! Most women show them­sel­ves extre­me­ly unin­hi­bi­ted from their per­ver­ted side! They hurt them­sel­ves with S&M toys, bru­t­ally stretch them­sel­ves with thick dil­dos and objects or use nipp­le suckers, pussy pumps and weights 

Some girls shove as many cand­les or pins into their pus­sies as they can stand. Strong power vibra­tors and mas­sa­gers are very com­mon. Almost all mas­tur­ba­ti­on movies end in an unac­ted (some­ti­mes bru­tal) orgasm – often with squir­ting (also cal­led squirt or fema­le eja­cu­la­ti­on).

Very nasty German amateurs

In most sex vide­os, the ama­teur sluts are real­ly extre­me­ly fucked and they roar out their lust loud­ly.
The SadoMaso movies are very authen­tic and the plea­su­re sluts enjoy their tre­at­ment with whips, clamps, weights, cand­le wax etc. quite visi­bly.
Almost all inte­rest direc­tions are ser­ved, which there is to expe­ri­ence in ero­ti­cism! And: It is enorm­ously much with sperm, pussy juice and pussy eja­cu­la­te (Squirt) dirty play­ed!!! Really horny!

The reason for the per­ver­ted ama­teur vide­os is easi­ly explai­ned: The girls do their actions vol­un­t­a­ri­ly and have even part­ly thought them up themselves.

In addi­ti­on, user wis­hes from the girls‘ fan com­mu­ni­ty are often ful­fil­led (put­ting pan­ties in pussy, licking vibra­tor clean, mas­tur­ba­ti­on with fruits and vege­ta­bles, self-torture, etc.). There are even real mee­tings bet­ween ama­teur girls and users and e.g. user mee­ting gang­bangs are film­ed occa­sio­nal­ly – Such movies are real­ly horny!

You can watch the movies as a stream or down­load them in WMV for­mat. The WMV files can also be view­ed on Apple MAC wit­hout any problems.

Opinions about site structure & design

Amarotic.com makes a very tidy impres­si­on. The design is simp­le yet func­tion­al. The white back­ground color, the red let­te­ring and the dis­creet design ele­ments are very easy on the eyes.

You can quick­ly find your way around and feel com­for­ta­ble right away.

Experiences with the subscription cancellation

For cost reasons, Amarotic.com does not have to be can­ce­led. You can also let it rest for a few months or years. As descri­bed under the point „Booking“, one loads a cre­dit account, which does not renew itself.

However, the account its­elf can­not be can­ce­led com­ple­te­ly. This is a thorn in our eyes and cau­ses mas­si­ve point deductions.

Review verdict & conclusion of the Amarotic.com test report

Amarotic.com is an all-around suc­cessful and recom­men­da­ble ama­teur video portal.

The multi­tu­de of mer­ci­less­ly kinky, German-speaking models offer a lot of uni­ma­gi­ned horny videos- for which one has always sear­ched in vain on the Internet 

Since the fun and the horn­i­ness of the women is in the fore­ground and not the model-like appearance or the video qua­li­ty, the ama­teur porn comes across abso­lut­e­ly rat-horny! 

The inter­ac­tion via pri­va­te mes­sa­ges and chat makes for an excel­lent per­so­nal bond bet­ween fans and amateurs.

Fraud is not to be feared at Amarotic due to the credit-based bil­ling. The only pity is that the ama­teur pho­tos are pre­sen­ted very unsa­tis­fac­to­ri­ly and the movies are often so expensive.

Visit Amarotic.com
Website Information
Country of operator:
Cost:0.00 EUR upon registration
2000 Coins = 20 EUR
3000 Coins = 30 EUR
4000 Coins = 40 EUR
Test / Demo – Access:yes
Payment methods:Credit card, direct debit, pay per call (phone), bank trans­fer, instant bank transfer
Billing:SwissMedia Factoring GmbH
Member manage­ment:yes
Youth pro­tec­tion filter:no
Download limit:no
Cross-selling pre­sel­ec­ted:no
Offered con­tent
Photos / Images:
Number:> 100,000 Porn images
Ø Resolution:1920 x 1080px
Image gal­lery control:yes
ZIP archi­ves:no
Number:> 20,000 porn movies
Ø Resolution:1080p HD
Ø Length:15 minu­tes
Ø DL speed:60,000 kB/sec
Format:WMV, MOV, MP4
Download pos­si­ble:yes
Streaming pos­si­ble:yes
DRM copy protection:no


Test report summary for Amarotic.com

One of the best ama­teur sex por­tals in Germany

This ama­teur por­tal is one of the most famous and popu­lar sex sites in Germany. Private women, men and cou­ples give deep insights into their very kinky sex life here. You can watch their vide­os and pic­tures, chat with them or enjoy web­cam ses­si­ons. Some even ful­fill indi­vi­du­al video wis­hes and desi­re real sex cont­acts with users.

  • Image qua­li­ty – 150%
  • Video qua­li­ty – 100%
  • Sound qua­li­ty – 100%
  • Exclusivity – 83%
  • Models – 83%
  • Authentic emo­ti­ons – 100%
  • Variety – 100%
  • Extraordinary – 100%
  • Content quan­ti­ty – 100%
  • Fairness – 100%
  • Promises / Reality – 100%
  • Sexual sti­mu­la­ti­on – 100%
  • Design – 100%
  • Navigation – 100%
  • Preview area (Tour pages) – 100%
  • Updates – 100%
  • Loading speed – 100%
  • Costs – 50%
  • Price-performance ratio – 83%
  • Payment – 100%
  • Price trans­pa­ren­cy – 83%
  • Advertising / Spam – 83%
  • Subscription can­cel­la­ti­on – 0%
  • Overall impres­si­on – 83%
User Review
5 (1 vote)


  • Damn horny & nasty vidos!!!
  • German ama­teur girls & women
  • German page lan­guage / texts
  • You pay only what you want to see
  • Clear design


  • Videos often quite expen­si­ve (ca.3–10 EUR)
  • Hardly any ama­teur photos
  • Amateur pic­tures not downloadable
  • Picture func­tion only rudimentary
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  1. MitzKatz says

    I can only agree. Found horny les­bi­an sluts on Amarotic. They kissed each other with their ton­gues and fucked each other almost bru­t­ally with dil­dos. The one sow has the other full ne load Squirt spray­ed in the mouth – while the other has swal­lo­wed ever­y­thing well-behaved. Crazy. That’s what we guys want to see!!!

  2. Sonja Devil says

    Na Na. What does that mean?! As a woman, I also like to look at such things. I have an Amarotik account with my hus­band and we look in there when­ever we feel like it. We will meet a ama­teur cou­ple. Let’s see

  3. Oskar007 says

    Hey guys, I am a bit torn. On the one hand I find the ama­teur por­tal just mer­ci­less­ly awe­so­me. BUT the vide­os that I get on my mail­box, make me again and again so horny that I am tempt­ed to char­ge again new cre­dit. Since Amarotic can not help but it has a slight addic­tion poten­ti­al with the horny brats. But what the heck, the ama­teur films are just horny! 

  4. Karsten says

    I’am just happy to have found this ama­teur por­tal. you get abso­lut­e­ly uni­que, never seen befo­re porn for a fair price. I belie­ve that every fetish – no mat­ter how per­ver­se – is ser­ved at Amarotic. I find the lay­out of the site very good and simple.

  5. SiriusBlack says

    Really cute and horny ama­teur mice here. Have led horny chats and have come seve­ral times horny. You can real­ly book the site. Especially that the girls are German, is very nice

  6. Gerd says

    Wow. What kind of nasty ama­teur chicks are there! I’m wat­ching the video right now: Chocolate Pussy cream come! A teen slut has refi­ned her cho­co­la­te with sperm and pussy juice and spoo­ned out all the juice! I’m going crazy !!!

  7. MisterLongDong says

    I real­ly won­der: what kind of per­ver­ted cunts are these!!!! I came across Amarotic while sear­ching for objects in the pussy and I’m real­ly gobs­ma­cked what German girls do with their nipp­les and pus­sies. One of them put a whisk in her pussy and fucked hers­elf with it to cum / squirt. In the pro­cess, she has come unac­ted real. Cucumbers, car­rots, corn on the cob, deodo­rant roll-on stick and much more is abu­sed as a sex toy! Simply per­ver­se horny. Absolutely times try out people.….….…

  8. Kasimir says

    Really inte­res­t­ing comm­ents here! I like the com­mu­ni­ty „work“ of the girls in terms of spe­cial requests too. Very exci­ting the sex portal.

  9. MisterLongDong says

    I met a chick on Amarotic the other day and mana­ged to get a date with her at a hotel in her city! I got her so frea­k­ed out that she wants to meet up with me again. On Amarotic there are a lot of dirty sluts who find it cool to earn money with per­ver­ted pho­tos, vide­os, used pan­ties and used sex toys. Not infre­quent­ly, the girls do it secret­ly in the mor­ning, when her hus­band is at work and the bit­ches pocket the money secret­ly! It’s unbe­lie­va­ble what the horny chi­ckens are wil­ling to do! DREAMFUL !!!!!!!!!

  10. Andy Anal says

    I knew only Mydirtyhobby befo­re and tried Amarotic once. I don’t know why, but somehow I like Amarotic a bit bet­ter. Why it is, I real­ly don’t know. Nice that there are girls who want to make us men happy with such porn. 

  11. Facial2000 says

    So I’m more into facials.…. Although you can get such movies and pic­tures for free, it is important to me to build up a per­so­nal level to the object of desi­re. An Amarotics-snail has me to love from three guys the face with sperm deco­ra­te and also film­ed the whole fuck. You don’t nor­mal­ly find that. The com­mu­ni­ty is a real plea­su­re kick!

  12. KaKaDu says

    I am happy that there are such mer­ci­less­ly beau­tiful and at the same time dirty German girls. I just won­der why I have always met only bor­ing women in my life. Well the thoughts are free! My recom­men­da­ti­on is: BOOK IT!

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